Release 9.1

On December 14, 2021: New Release – HUGIN 9.1

The main improvement of HUGIN software in version 9.1 is the option to toggle between nodes and monitors in Run Mode of the HUGIN Graphical User Interface. In addition, a new structure learning algorithm has been added to the HUGIN Graphical User Interface and the HUGIN Decision Engine.

The Windows installation package has improved support for newer versions of Windows Operating Systems.

HUGIN Graphical User Interface v. 9.1

The HUGIN Graphical User Interface has been improved with various new features. These include:

  • It is now possible to toggle between nodes and monitors in Run Mode

  • The new Look & Feel has been extended to with additional themes

  • The Learning Wizard has been extended with a Hierarchical Naïve Bayes algorithm for structure learning

  • Improved printing support for large CPTs and expressions

  • The contents of node selection boxes are now sorted for easy selection

  • Other minor improvements

Finally, work has been done to improve the performance of the HUGIN Graphical User Interface.

HUGIN Decision Engine v. 9.1

The HUGIN Decision Engine has been extended with the following features:

  • A new algorithm for learning structure restricted models, the hierarchical Naïve Bayes algorithm

  • Support for Visual Studio 2022