In a DBN we can compute beliefs for nodes in time slices that lie beyond the time window. This operation is called prediction.


only DBNs entirely consisting of discrete nodes supports prediction.

To perform prediction, click the figure1 prediction button and summon the prediction wizard.

Prediction Wizard

The belief prediction wizard has two tabs for configuring the computations. First configure the number of time slices beyond the current time window to predict.


Figure 1: Prediction, configure number of time slices beyond window to predict.

Next pick the nodes we wish to predict.


Figure 2: Prediction, pick which nodes to predict.

Finally when done configuring click the OK button to compute predictions. When computation is done a data frame appears with the predicted beliefs.


Figure 3: A data frame displaying the predicted beliefs. Each row represents a time slice. The first 0 to (n - number of slices to predict) rows are the time slices from the current window and the remaining rows are the predicted time slices.