D-Separation (Operation)

Determining the d-relations in a network can be done in Hugin when in run-mode. This is done using the operations available in the D-Separation submenu of the Network menu.

When a d-separation operation has been performed, the visual representation of the network changes to show the result of the operation. A node can be represented in five different ways depending on its role in the operation:

d-separation1 The source node. That is, the node whose relation to all the target nodes will be determined.

d-separation2 A connected target node. That is, the source node is d-connected to this node.

d-separation3 A separated target node. That is, the source node is d-separated from this node.

d-separation4 An instantiated node. The d-relation to the source node is not determined.

d-separation5 An “anonymous” node. That is, a node which is none of the above.

  • Show D-Separation

This operation will display all nodes d-seperated from the currently selected node.

  • Show Markov Blanket

This operation will display the Markov Blanket. for the currently selected node.