The HUGIN Development Environment

The HUGIN Development Environment provides a set of tools for constructing model-based decision support systems in domains characterized by inherent uncertainty. The models supported are Bayesian networks (BNs) and their extension (limited-memory) influence diagrams (LIMIDs). The HUGIN Development Environment allows you to define both discrete domain variables and to some extent continuous domain variables in your models.

You have the opportunity to use the HUGIN Decision Engine (HDE) through the HUGIN Graphical User Interface – an easy-to-use graphical environment. You can also use the HDE through one of several APIs (Application Program Interfaces) which come as libraries for C, C++, .NET and Java, and as an ActiveX server. More information about the versions of the HUGIN Development Environment that are available can be found in the Versions section.

The HUGIN Development Environment can be used to construct models as components in applications for decision support, data mining, and expert systems. The application communicates with the constructed component models through one of the HUGIN APIs.