Release 8.9

June 2, 2020

The main improvement of the HUGIN software in version 8.9 is the migration of the HUGIN Graphical User Interface to OpenJDK and associated updates.

HUGIN Graphical User Interface v8.9

The HUGIN Graphical User Interface has been improved with various new features. These include:

  • Migration to OpenJDK including new installers

  • Improvements to the Data Frame functionality

  • Support for data conflict analysis – monitor individual contributions to the conflict for discrete nodes through the log-likelihood ratio

  • The sorting functionality is improved to sort numerically

  • It is possible to include “evidence” on function nodes when processing cases

  • Function to reset the contents of the table for a CG node

  • Monitor window of a utility node includes variance (optional)

  • Monitor window of a numeric decision node includes mean and variance (optional)

  • Use of new library to generate vector based graphics of models

  • Other minor improvements.

Finally, work has been done to improve the performance of the HUGIN Graphical User Interface.

HUGIN Decision Engine v8.9

The HUGIN Decision Engine has been extended with the following features:

  • NET specifications in the form of text strings can now be generated for domains, classes, and class collections. These strings are suitable for, e.g., transmission over a network, and they can be parsed by the usual functions for parsing NET specifications.

  • The documentation for the HUGIN Swift API is now available as a set of HTML pages.