Release 8.4

October 2016

The main new feature of this release is improved support for approximate inference in Dynamic Bayesian networks. Approximate inference using the Boyen-Koller approach can now be done between time slices within the time window of the Dynamic Bayesian network. Previously, approximate inference was only supported when advancing the time window and when making predictions beyond the time window. Furthermore, additional functionality to support the evaluation of Dynamic Bayesian networks using data sequence has been added to the Date Frame window.

HUGIN Graphical User Interface v8.4

The HUGIN Graphical User Interface has been improved with various new features. These include:

  • Support for Boyen-Koller approximation within the time window of a Dynamic Bayesian Network

  • The Data Frame window has been improved with a number of new features to support evaluation of (mainly) Dynamic Bayesian networks on data sequences. It is, for instance, now possible to manually specify “State to Column mappings” and it has been made easier to identify columns containing class probabilities.

  • The Data Frame window function ‘propagate-all’ shows a summary window after completion making it easier to identify errors during propagation.

  • The list of windows now contains information on Data Frames making it easier to select Data Frame windows.

  • It is possible to collapse/expand individual instance nodes in the node list of an OOBN model.

  • The “Networks Statistics” dialog has been extended with new information on parents and states.

  • Descriptive text labels can now be added to a network using the new text label tool.

  • Other minor improvements.

Finally, work has been done to improve the performance of the HUGIN Graphical User Interface.

HUGIN Decision Engine v8.4

The HUGIN Decision Engine has been extended with the following features:

  • The HUGIN Decision Engine now supports Boyen-Koller approximation within the time window of a Dynamic Bayesian Network.

  • Support for Visual Studio 2015.

  • Using the HUGIN Web Service API, the programmer can now specify a filename suggestion to the browsers ‘save as’ dialog when serving a HKB file.