Run Mode

To use HUGIN networks for computations, the HUGIN Graphical User Interface must be working in Run Mode. Figure 1 shows a Network Window in Run Mode. In Run Mode, the network window is split into a Node List Pane (unless this has been disabled via the Toggle Belief Bar item of the View Menu) on the left and a Network Pane on the right, showing the network. In the Node List Pane one can see the states of the nodes and their beliefs (also, expected utilities in LIMIDs), probabilities and expected utilities for decision nodes and mean & variance for continuous chance nodes). The states of a node appears when expanding it.


Figure 1: The network window of a HUGIN network running in Run Mode.

To switch from Edit Mode to Run Mode, click the compile button in the Edit Mode Tool Bar or select the Compile item of the Network Menu. Figure 2 shows the compile button.


Figure 2: The compile tool button from the network window Tool Bar.