In the Network Properties dialog box you find the Display tab which allows you to change different parameters in the display of the network. Figure 1 shows the Display tab.


Figure 1: The Network Properties dialog box showing the Display tab.

At the top of the Display tab you can specify the width and height of the nodes in the Network Pane. Also, there are three radio buttons for selecting how the textual identity (i.e., name and/or label) of a node should be displayed.

The font used for displaying the textual identity can be selected in the middle region.

At the Grid area you can set up a grid used in the Network Pane to help arranging the nodes. Keyboard shortcuts are available for controlling grid functions:

  • Ctrl + . (dot): Toggles the value of Show Grid.

  • Ctrl + , (comma): Toggles the value of Snap to Grid. When set, this makes new nodes be placed with the center at the nearest grid point.

  • Shift + , (comma): Snaps the selected nodes to the nearest grid points.

At the bottom area you can set a background image for the network panel.