Network Properties DBN Pane

Various Dynamic Bayesian Networks (DBN) parameters can be modified in the Network Properties DBN tab, shown in Figure 1. The parameters that can be modified are:

  • The Number of Time Slices: Specifies the number of time slices that is generated when the model is compiled.

  • Boyen-Koller approximation: Specifies the level of Boyen-Koller approximation to be used. The options are:
    • Disabled: No approximation is used.

    • Partial Boyen-Koller approximation (move time window and prediction)

  • Full Boyen-Koller approximation (move time window, prediction and inside time window)

More details can be read about HUGIN’s implementation of DBN models, time slices and Boyen-Koller approximation in HUGIN C API Help Document distributed along with the software.


Figure 1: The DBN dialog in the network properties.

Figure 1: The network properties dialog box with the DBN tab selected.