Node Tab

The Node Tab of the Node Properties dialog allows the user to edit different attributes of the nodes of a HUGIN domain. The Node Tab is shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1: The node properties dialog box showing the Node Tab.

In the top section of the Node tab you can specify the name, label, type, group, interface type (if any), and size of the selected node. Please note that, except for size, these can only be specified in Edit Mode. Below these fields, a free-text description for the node can be provided. Figure 2 shows the node properties dialog box with hyperlinks enabled in the node description. The difference between figure 1 and figure 2, is the Edit check box in figure 2 which switches the description box between edit mode and display mode . For information on how to enable html, edit in html mode and create hyperlinks go to Network Properties Panel.


Figure 2: The node properties dialog box showing the Node tab when HTML is selected in Network Properties Pane.

A Node Properties dialog showing the Node Tab of an Instance Node is shown in Figure 2.


Figure 3: The node properties dialog box showing the Node tab of an Instance Node.

Note that the dialog in Figure 3 has a field named class, where it is possible to configure which network class the node is an instance of.