Table Tab

The Table tab of the Node Properties is used to specify different aspects about how you want to edit node tables.

Figure 1 shows the Table tab. A list of the discrete parents of the node appears at the top section. The order of these parents can be altered using the Up and Down buttons. This reflects the order in which the parents appear in the table of the node (which is displayed in the Tables Pane) and hence determine which parents have indices that run faster in the table.


Figure 1: The Table tab of the Node Properties dialog box.

For discrete chance nodes and utility nodes one can either specify, respectively, their probability and utility tables manually or via expressions. This choice can be indicated via the select buttons below the Discrete Parents list (it can also be indicated via the “Switch to expressions” item of the Expressions sub-menu of the Functions menu of the Node Table).

If the table is specified via an expression, it might be convenient to introduce one or more of the parent nodes as Model Nodes. A separate expression can be specified for each configuration of the model nodes. Alternatively, one may choose to specify one big expression, typically including a number of if-then-else expressions. For more information on this topic, please consult the Table Generator Tutorial.