Write as BMP

The “Write as BMP” submenu can be found in the File Menu, and gives access to the possibility of writing networks, tables, and probabilities as BMPs (for each insertion into other programs).


Figure 1: The Write as BMP submenu.

Write Network

The Write Network function saves the active network to a BMP file. Since BMP files can become very large, it is possible that there is not enough memory on the machine to create a large enough file. If this is the case, Hugin will ask for permission to split the BMP into a number of files, which can be created.

Write Network w/Monitors

Same as Write Network, but includes all visible monitors in the BMP file as well.

Write Tables

The Write Tables function writes the open tables to a BMP file. That is, it is not dependent on the selected nodes, only the tables shown in the table pane. Again, the BMP may need to split into several files.

Write Probabilities

The Write Probabilities function writes the current probabilities (beliefs) of the selected nodes to a BMP file. Again, the BMP may need to split into several files.